21 Aug

Brothel Babe is a very real, very attractive young 20-something girl, who is living and working in a legal brothel in the state of Nevada. There are roughly 15ish brothels in the state of Nevada…5-7 of which the ladies find “worth working at”. Brothel Babe frequents one or two of them.

These blog posts are humorous and true accounts of her experiences living inside a brothel.

The blog has a weekly format that it adheres to Monday thru Thursday:

You will also find more spur of the moment posts that talk about the “drama” that revolves around everyone who lives and works here, which goes into some of the following categories:

In addition to the wide cast of legal prostitutes here, we also have a dynamic staff:

-The loyal security guard
-Cashiers, who are like our confidantes
-One crazy boss-man
-The Maintenance guy
-The Cleaning lady
-A chihuahua we share
-Owners who are never present, but are always on the phone

Together, we make up one crazy, weird kind of family.

First and foremost – this is a humorous account of life inside a brothel!

We are living in the 2nd great depression. If you are going to work in a brothel,
and deal with peoples weenies all the time, you have to be able to laugh.

I laugh here constantly.

You learn about relationships, unique friendships, and how to deal with every taboo imaginable.

Hopefully, you’ll have as much fun reading it as I have writing it.

Brothel Babe


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