And The Dickwad of the Week Award Goes to….

27 Aug

I’m not saying that one moment of being a dickwad or a douchebag means you are a complete and total dickwad. All dickwads and douchebags have their tender and heartfelt moments.

Certain moments however get to you more than most,
and for those moments, I will now be serving up the
“Dickwad of the Week Award.”

Dickwad of the week award goes to my new boss.
Granted, you have redeemed yourself, when
I was running an hour late at work and you let me make up for it by checking on plane tickets.
And granted, you have redeemed yourself by calling the owner of the place when I needed my drug fix.
But today you stepped into forbidden territory:

Stomping on a whore’s dreams.
Fuck you, boss man….first off, the only reason you know about my dreams outside of this place is because you had to be present while I was discussing YOU with YOUR boss. And when you say,

“Where you’re going, I’ve been there before.”
You bring up all the shiny and wonderful things that might possibly be related to my dream.
You say,
“I UNDERSTAND that the reason why you’re here is because you have a dream outside of here you are pursuing. If I coulda done what you’re doing, I woulda been there in a heartbeat. But my dreams, when I went and got them…I never had to do what you did.”

“Resort to other things?” I ask.

“Yes.” He says.

“Because your dreams and business ideas turned over a profit?”

“Exactly.” He says.

He says, “Now I know you want to see your name in lights and be on the front page of something…and the things you need to do to get where you’re going.”

“But I don’t KNOW where I’m going.” I say.

“That’s exactly my point.” He says.

End of conversation. He starts to leave the room.
“I’ve given up on what you’re thinking of. I’m moving on to a book deal!” I say.



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