Love in Different Forms – Ho vs. Ho

28 Aug

You may be wondering how I could have made a post about being all hung up on Mr. WRONG, and then less than 48 hours later, start up a post about my co-worker.

The answer is simple: I’m a ho. I fall in and out of love easily.
Furthermore, there’s more than one kinda love.
However, one you won’t encounter outside of here is:
Ho vs. Ho love: the love of one working girl for another.

My #1: Katrina. Katrina was my big sister, who educated me during Whorientation. She has incredible ho-tivation. (Motivation.) I’ve known her over a year now and she is the person who has stayed here when everyone else has come and gone, and without her here, life would be miserable.

It’s only been in the last day or two that I’ve realized my love for Katrina. I woke up to my morning (7pm) to dinner being put away, and the staff said “Katrina made a plate for you so you would have some to eat.” There it was, “BB’s food, do not touch!” with my name emblazoned with a sharpie on the tinfoil, and little hearts all around.

Last night I let her borrow one of my outfits (her request of me) for the first time. It’s shiny and red and makes her look like a stripper. I LOVE her in it. She loved it so much she wore it a 2nd day in a row.

She’s been teaching me how to pole dance and when she dances, she knows I like to watch her.
She winks and licks her lips in my direction.

When I walk by, she slaps my booty with wreckless glee.

She constantly brings up the day she will turn me gay, and get me naked.

I’m her most recent bed buddy. She falls asleep quicker when I’m in her bed and keep her feet warm. Our primary goal for sharing a bed is shaking the other awake when customers come in late at night.
And lately, I’ve been thinking about it.

Especially after last night.
I’d never given a lap dance before in my life and she came up with the brilliant idea that I could watch her do a lap dance (on a guy) and then try some moves myself. Amazingly she convinced this fellow to pay for the both of us.

Watching her is one of my joys of this job, as she is an amazing dancer. Never would I have guessed I’d get turned on watching her dance, but like I said, it got me thinking.

Hardly an hour or two goes by where we don’t share a laugh, a hug, or a kiss on the cheek.
When I discovered it was her that made the dinner plate for me, I hugged her and said,  “you’re the best!” and she said “I love you too.”

What a gal.


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