A Love Letter to Mr. Wrong – affairs done right

1 Sep

I wrote Mr. Wrong a heartfelt letter about how I feel about him. Yes he has a girlfriend, no he isn’t planning to leave her any time soon. I am challenged with the “I don’t want a typical relationship because I don’t have time, but having mind-blowing sex on occasion would be nice.”

We concluded that having a once-a-month rendezvous would be good for both his sanity and mine. I mentioned that I was “falling” for him a bit, and he said he thinks of me a lot, and when I look at him “that way” , he finds it hard not to fall too.

He said that its a turn-on that I do what I do now,
and it would turn him on if we went to a club and he saw me
flirt with another guy, or watched us fuck even….
but if I was his girlfriend, he would be jealous,
and he would want to keep me as his and only his.

He asked, “if you were away at work, and I slept with another girl,
would you be jealous?”

I said, “No, I’d want you to tell me all about it. What she looks like,
the color of her hair, what you did to her….”

I explained the following:

The rule with sleeping with other people, is only this: When it gets too emotional, you have to cut things off.

The economy being the way it is, us professionals understand
how men and women co habitate for financial reasons. I tend to
think I have a keen smell of when a guy is only with his chick for convenience.
The only way to break the fear cycle is by shocking them and letting them know,

“if you worked a little harder, you could have a hot piece of ass like yours truly.”

There is no one at home who can possibly understand my situation outside of my mother, who originally dated my father in secret, because their relationship was a sort of “taboo.” In fact, when they got married, only a couple of their closest friends knew they tied the knot – secrecy was that important.

My aim isn’t to steal him away from his woman…well, not right away. As a ho, I have learned to understand just how essential ONE WOMAN can be in lifting up a mans self esteem, sexuality, and restoring a new sense of vitality in him. When words of praise come from a vixen like me – if you’re feeling like Joe Schmoe, you might feel like an angel visited you the day you get my precious letter. I read it to Katrina and she said if she was him, she would have been speechless when she read it.

I gave him a detailed character analysis
and discussed how life for some begins at 40.
I mentioned how he is by far one of the “Sexiest men I have ever met.”
The lead in to such compliments was a story about me talking
with this customer at the bar about sex. And that when I was talking with this guy about
having good ol’ sex, I was thinking about boning Mr. Wrong.

Being normal has never worked.
Normal relationships and courtships have never worked.
I’m a thinking woman.
If I say what I truly think and believe,
perhaps things will start going in the right direction.

Of course, to properly pursue any affair, you have to avoid careless mistakes.
They call text messaging and emails the new “Digital Lipstick.”
They even have a service now that encrypts your text messages
from your lover, making them look like news updates.
I’m saddened that a true affair would mean no more steamy texts,
but….I can’t stand when things get ugly.
As a Brothel Babe, I feel that its my duty to have only the most discrete of affairs.
I will let you know how things progress as time goes on.


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