Money vs. Freedom – do you really need days off?

1 Sep

The last time I really left the house (yes we call brothels “houses”) was to go to Los Angeles for a certain opportunity which seemingly did not pan out. That was on the 16th. I took a day off or two, and as of tomorrow I will have been here working for about two weeks without a day off.

The Mental Day Off
My mental day off was probably yesterday, when I knew I needed to work but didn’t feel like it.
I slept a little more, didn’t do my typical workout routine, and stayed up later than usual.
Mondays and Tuesdays are our slowest days, so no big loss.

Even when I’m mentally “on the clock” waiting for people to come in, sometimes
you’ll still have a day where you don’t book.

So I figure, why not mentally set it up in my mind that today is my day off?
If somebody comes in, all I have to do is take off my pajama pants, put on my high heels,
and make it to a lineup.

By mentally going somewhere else…its more rejuvenating than mentally sitting and “waiting” for somebody to come in. Why waste that energy? Conserve it.

In other news, I’ve been talking w/my friend Katrina about going into business.
I think she and I would be great going into business together – she wants to be a sex therapist.
I told her that to promote it, we could go to a sex club and stage a live sex show. Sex-as-art kind of thing.
Then raffle off tickets to have a private counseling session with her. Could be an adventure, no?

ALSO, this just in: I have surpassed my $1500.00 goal, finally. I am now free to have a social day, but more than anything, I feel like getting my nails done, not being social.


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