The Ho-pacalypse, wrestling moves and other tactics.

19 Sep


Am I, Brothel Babe, turning a new leaf? I think evidence of the new leaf having turned is that I keep slipping up and using my real name at work rather than my Ho name. Which I take as evidence that whatever wisdom I have learned from working here has now crossed over into my real life, and vice versa.

Gasp! The Ho-pacalypse is near. What kind of changes are we talking here?

Here’s one:  While I enjoyed my rendezvous with Mr. Wrong,
something felt off. Something in the air. Suddenly taking a step back was feeling
like the right thing to do. You don’t need to be on the sidelines waiting for someone to change. If they want change,
they will let you know.

I tried to call to say “this isn’t feeling right, lets talk.”, but he’s avoided my phone calls. So there you go.
Things will happen how they happen. In cases like this, the only sensible thing I can see to do is disappear.

Is it time to change my methods?
In my real life I have been called “The Stealth Bomber.” in terms of my techniques for how I pursue things. (This nickname was not coined for the pursuit of men. Trust me though – the nickname still applies.)

Every wrestler has a trademark move, and my trademark move would have to be “The Devastator.”

I use the “The Devastator” term to describe the AFTERMATH  that a guy can’t admit he has feelings and has to hide them, because he is a taken man. I imagine myself a Mexican Wrestler:

(Cue Announcer Voice, imagine a bedroom in a wrestling ring)
BROTHEL BABE is about to pull out her trademark move for the taken man, THE DEVASTATOR!!!
She’s written her letters! She has played Piano! She has been her most excellent self!
He’s starting to change his story to get into bed! Watch him go!
Ohhhhhhhhhh he’s says he’s “Unhappy!” – trademark of Brothel Babes wrath!
He says he won’t have a place to live at the end of the month!
Ohhhhh he’s just told his 2nd lie – that Girlfriend is now “The Roomate!”
They have downed the whiskey and beer!
She body slams onto the bed!
No Human Male is a match for THE DEVASTATOR!!!
She may not have won the match, but she has WON THIS FIGHT ladies and gentlemen!
Mr. Wrong has felt an experience that is 100% PURE and truthful – signature of The Babe!
It’s an experience he will NEVER FORGET!

That’s the essence of The Devastator.

I don’t think I will have to pull out The Devastator move any time soon, because everything is about to change for the Babe.

What does this change mean?
I will explain.

A year of working in a whorehouse has given me the courage to ask direct questions, sooner and more directly than I ever had the courage to do before.

I will take the truth over friendship.
If you can’t live with your own truth or come to terms with your own reality,
we can’t be buddies, or lovers, or extramarital. No truth, no honesty, no nothing.

A couple years ago, I favored being COOL over being HONEST.
I preferred giving and receiving love, over honesty and trust.
Now? I think I am starting to respect this honesty truth thing.

It’s really all I have right now.
Honesty and truth means asking huge confidence levels in asking questions nobody feels comfortable answering.

I recently asked asking those questions.
I ain’t saying that I can completely clean up overnight.
I can only do things in the best way I know how.
Considering that I see lying, cheating, and deception MULTIPLE TIMES on a DAILY BASIS in the brothel whenever men walk through that door…I figure…maybe my methods are just….ahead of their time.


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