Creepy Mustache Dude Strikes again!

22 Sep

The Creepy Giant Mustache dude came back for me. He brought more money this time, and I tried to avoid him, and they tried to call my room to find me but I was in another girls room. They wanted to know “Why won’t you talk to this guy?” and I said, “I will NOT BONE THE GUY WITH THE CREEPY MUSTACHE. NO WAY.” They laughed. They told me to at least talk to him. We went back and forth for 10 minutes about how he doesn’t have money. I figure anybody who can psuedo-stalk me at two brothels, and try to talk to me to book on 3 different occasions…is the type of guy who can save up money to see yours truly. I was thinking I should ask him to shave the mustache and then I would cut him a deal, but I don’t know. At least I got treated with more respect this time than I did last time. He says he will never bug me again, but somehow I have a feeling he will be back.


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