You might be wondering what we do in our spare time…

23 Sep

You might be wondering,
“What do hookers do in their spare time?”

Furthermore, what do brothel ladies do when there is NO INTERNET, because its “broken” and the staff hasn’t managed to bring somebody over to fix it?

Allow me to share!

It’s 5am.
Nobody has come in the bar for some time.
We’re all either on night shift, or awake for some reason.
Bored out of our minds.

One of the gals gets the amazing idea to organize the fridge.
This fridge is a nightmare.
We have a cook.
Part of the cooks job is to clean the fridge and keep it stocked with deliciousness.

HOWEVER, judging by how many of us women stand in front of the fridge aimlessly saying, “there’s nothing to eat!” we realized the optical illusion that was happening:

There was lots of “ingredients” – but no real meal worthy or snack worthy edibles.

Who needs four cases of eggs, 50 string cheeses, 3 half full containers of cottage cheese, two giant buckets of sour cream, and 3 container of parmesan?

Why were there 3 bottles of half empty mayo?

How many expired packages of tortillas do we need in there?

Do we really need the half gallon size of mustard in the fridge,
when its taking up valuable space…space that could be filled with snacks?

It was me and two other girls up for the task.
I snapped photos for evidence, as you can see!

We married bottles and threw out the empty ones.
We put the excess cheese and mayo back in storage.
We consolidated the peanut butter.
We threw out week old left overs.

We also pissed off the cook.
The sense of accomplishment afterwards made up for it though.


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