YES! YES! Q & A with Brothel Babe!

2 Oct

Since so many of my beloved fans have these questions, I am going to put them in here for you! Special thanks to my Adorable and wonderful friend who helped me write these questions!!!!! I am the CHIEF!

1. Do you get turned on by some of the guys you bang?
Yes! Of course. It’s one of the coolest parts of the business. The most surprising thing is the stuff that turns you on that you would not expect would turn you on.

2. Do you fake orgasms?
I never fake an orgasm but I will moan louder for theatrics and when a guy’s time is ending. Maybe I will whisper his name in his ear if the clock is about up, or if I really like the guy.

3. Do you actually orgasm with guys that pay you?
Yes. Yes. Yes!!! No really, I do. Sometimes I try not to, and it happens anyway. And you’re like, “awww, crap. I came even when I didn’t try.”

4. What does the excel spreadsheet look like for a Brothel? How does the pay structure work out?

Well, everything is split 50/50. I get half of whatever you pay me. Unless I’m dishonest and lie about what you pay me, or I keep extra tips. I also get rent taken out which is 30 bucks a day or 45ish bucks a day at nicer places. Then I go to the doc which can be anywhere from 65 bucks a week to 120 bucks a week. Depending on where you are.

5. Are you Always Honest?
95% of the time. The only time I am less than honest is if we get into a party that is above 30 minutes and I will fudge by max of 15 minutes, only because a guy will finish earlier than that or he is a particular heckler about time and he thinks that he will actually need as much time as he says. But if you’re at the 10 minute party range, I am honest to every guy about 10 minutes. Unless I really really need to make my rent, I’ll be like “sure, 15 minutes” and put 8 on the clock, and he’s usually finished in 5 anyhow.

6. Are you honest about the money you make behind closed doors?
When I first started, I’d pocket hundred dollar sums, 3 hundred dollar sums, extra sums like you wouldn’t believe. For some reason, I stopped doing that…I guess for fear of getting caught…..I have a story on that later.

I am guessing a fair percentage of your clients are married men? What is the common reason you find the married ones seeking your services? For the simple reason that sleeping with the same gal for many years gets boring. Most of the clients I deal with don’t want an emotional connection. They just wanna bone. But there is more money in the guys who say, have been depressed and haven’t had sex with a real girl in like, 10 years. Most of the married men love their wives but don’t want to have a messy affair. I applaud them for their wisdom!

General maintenance on your appearance can mean the difference between making the dollar or watching your colleague make the dollar. What do you employ in order to keep yourself competitive?

Well, early in the game I have heard that one of my colleagues took notes on the dates she made the most money what she did with her hair and makeup, and what outfits she wore, so she would have things down to a science. I have played around and done the same thing.

I watched one of the most popular brothel girls at a brothel down south and studied what she wore. This girl got picked out of nearly EVERY lineup. Now that I’ve studied some of her techniques, I get picked the most up north! Cool!

Here’s what it might take:
1. Impeccable skin care routine – I use a clarisonic skin brush. Keeps my skin pretty clear.
2. I have taken accutane in my time in low doses – helps also.
3. Teeth whitening – I get the same stuff my dentist gets on ebay for 20 bucks. Keeps my teeth sparkly.
4. Staying OUT of the sun. Guys like the pale, and they like soft skin.
5. Not overprocessing my hair – soft hair, guys dig soft hair.
6. Teasing the hair – just big enought to be slightly messy and playboy style. But freshly showered and blowdried straight works great too. I don’t mess with my hair like a lot of girls. I keep it down, I keep it simple. Maybe adorn with a few diamond bobby pins.
7. Spending a lot of time doing my makeup and retouching it often. Most girls kinda fall short on the makeup. They look tired after a few days of work because of deep under eye circles. I keep that shit in check!
8. Fitness – I work out more than most girls. Which most girls chew me out for. But when it IS busy, I get most of the clients, because I have one of the leaner/better bodies in the house.
9. Spending a lot on a couple choice outfits – a bikini or two which I nickname the “Money-kini”
I wince at how much this stuff costs….but, hey….it pays for itself! You can also take bikinis to a stripper store and have them make modifications to make your bikini look more stripper like. It works.

Of course there is other stuff you can go to your doctor for, but that costs a lot.
The above is basic stuff that I really think does the job – it’s all about how much time you spend in the mirror each nite before work.

This is for all the guys in the world who are dying to know the truth!!!
What is small, average, big and then huge with regard to the size of ones member?!
And have you personally experienced them all?

Small is when I have gone to my GF and said “I dont know that the condom will even stay on, what do I do?” Believe me tho – I have been surprised by the teeny peeny’s that are “growers” rather than “show-ers.”

But the real teeny peenies are the ones that are maybe ohh… about 1.25 inches while not erect and then erect are maybe 3 – 3.5 inches..and to use your hands on them you just use two fingers. You have to use a “Snugger fits” condom on these guys. When its in, you wonder if its in. You wonder if they feel anything. If you made a mistake and put a normal size condom on it, it will make a rippling sound.

The average dicks…these are maybe 3-ish inches not erect, and 5ish inches while erect.
A lot of mexican dudes have wangs this size.

The medium large guys are the ones that are maybe your typical white guy size….maybe like 6 or 7 inches when erect.

Of course there are the long guys.
Black guys tend to have long skinny wangs
On occasion I’ve met some kinda ethnic fellow who has a longer skinnier wang.
Rare to meet a caucasian dude who has a skinny wang .

I’m not sure about the black guys having bigger wangs myth.
I have dealt with maybe 3 black guys ever and they have all had “comfortably large” wangs.
Nobody I have boned has had an “uncomfortably large” wang except for maybe 1 or 2 dudes ever.

And NOBODY has ever had a dick so big where I was like “wow. Porn star.” Never seen a porn star dick, and I think its because there is a Ho-god who loves me and wants my small pussy to remain undamaged!
There is one guy who is a regular down south and when I heard from another girl that he had a big dick, I stayed away.

Actually, I stay away from any guy where other girls tell me he has a big dick.
I don’t want to hurt after.
I am small.
I don’t need puncture wounds in my spleen, thanks.


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