Whether I am quitting or taking it to the underground, only time will tell.

11 Oct

Allow me to say that I had a terrible, TERRIBLE stint my last visit at a northern ranch.
I literally would have made more money modeling at the bike ralley for $15.00 an hour under the table,
but the Ho Boss would not allow me to work at the bike ralley, thus leaving me stuck at the brothel,
thus leaving me making next to zero dollars for an entire weekend.

You may wonder how in this economic crisis guys aren’t buying adult services…

They are still buying. Believe me.
What’s different tho is that they are purchasing independent services or they aren’t leaving their homes.

Some research into internet porn and the like made this discovery plain as day.
There’s more adult modeling, internet porn, and web-camming out there than ever.
It’s actually common knowledge or widely promoted that a couple of the girls are putting themselves through college and are paying for their tuition by doing porn.

Buy the girls show, they say. Pay for her tuition.

I’ve done some research.
I’ve been approved to work for a couple companies…

However, I still have my own working girl website (yes! Every good Ho has her own website! NO, I will not tell you the address!)
and I’m pondering, “oh hey, maybe I ought to just, meet people independently.”

SURE, of course, you hear about the occasional horror story.
Like the one about the independent working girl who got sliced up into a few pieces
and her mangled limbs got stuffed into the ventilation system of the MGM grand, only to be discovered a couple weeks later after the terrible odor bothered hotel guests.

You may wonder,
“Brothel Babe, you have preached the greatness of legal brothels. Why are you discussing independent work?”

I’ll tell you why:
Every ranch takes 50% of whatever you pay me.
Couple this with an additional $30.00 to $46.00 of rent taken out every day….
PLUS the $60-120 bucks (at least) in transportation costs in getting to the ranch…
PLUS the $100-$120.00 I pay every time I go back for bloodwork and a culture exam.

If you go a couple days without booking (which is common in a ranch),
it’s really sad to leave after a weekend of working, or of some work, or no work…
or to start off with a decent paying client and then have so much money taken out that you are lucky to get a benjamin out of the deal.

I find this really really saddening.
I don’t feel like giving it up for nothing any more.

Of course, I really don’t want to DIE in this business….
I’ll report back in a week or so to let you all know how my research of other avenues of the adult entertainment industry is going.


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