Hookers in space!!!

13 Oct

Today I tried a different avenue of the industry.
A little research has shown that the population of men not going into brothels can now be found in the online world.
I delved into this world today.

YES. I was approved for a web cam site.
One of the better ones.
(Would you have expected anything less of the Babe?)

A dear friend of mine suggested that I adorn my room with a themed background,
either a french bordello theme or an outer space theme, so I can dress like an Alien and wear a mask when I talk to guys via web cam.

I made a jaunt to the store to try to go with the “Hookers in Space” theme.
I found some nice galactic items.
We’ll see how this goes.

Web camming is a lot like waiting around in a brothel.
Instead of it being like acting in a porno, you get to act and direct the porno at the same time.
YES, I am fond of creative camera angles.

I still get to wear the same cute outfits.
Still get to sit around and act sexy.
Still get to spend time on Facebook (my favorite)
although if guys can tell you are occupied with something else (like facebook)
they tend to leave the chat room.

Of course….one can imagine some kind of horror story about being discovered by one of my real life friends…
except with web camming you can block out entire states, never to be discovered by your local friends.

I’m not sure how profitable web-camming is……I’m just really excited about making my outer space theme a reality.


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