So You Wanna Webcam Model? Some thoughts on the matter…

15 Oct

So…you want to make some extra money by being a web cam model?
I received an email requesting a how-to from a guy friend of mine.

I really have no idea of the competition that exists out there in the guy field.
But I can tell you that the reason I found out so much about it was because a guy came into my work
and he was super informative in telling me about how he and his ex girlfriend used to web cam.

He said they would make money literally with the two of them just sitting there.
(Yes of course they fucked each other too….and got paid for that. )
He said that the real way to do things was to go into yahoo chat rooms, tell people about your show, schedule the show,
have people pay you via paypal so you get to keep the money and then schedule a show for a certain time every week.
The more people you get to watch your show, the more money you make.

There ARE however, agencies which can cater to you by plugging you in to multiple official web cam sites at once.
I haven’t really found these so-called web-cam agencies yet….

The two websites I looked into so far is one called, and another called .

I like the way IMlive is set up because you can browse and chat with anybody for free at first before you pay any money.
ImLive has a section for guys and a section for couples.
It seems like if you are a guy, you would have better luck telling people you are gay.
Meaning, if you apply in the gay guy web cammer section, you will get more biz, because I’m not really sure how many straight chicks are watching guys beat off on web cams.

What you need to get into it:
In addition to a web cam that can follow you and has a good lens (that’s what the guy at work recommended.)
You also need to scan your ID, front and back.
you also need to take photos of yourself holding your ID ,
and a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper with the current date written on it.
Once you do all of this stuff and upload the necessary photos to the cam websites,
they email you with your status of whether or not you get approved.

When you sign up you can also check off entire states and “BAN” them,
which means if you have relatives in that state that you think might be using web cam services,
you can avoid the embarrassment of them discovering you to be a cam guy or girl.

You can also “Hit Record” on a lot of these sites so people can play recorded footage of you any time you want.
However, I would advise against this as models like Michelle Bombshell i(the mistress of Sandra Bullocks Husband.) seems to be victim to something I wouldn’t be digging: Once she got “famous” raised her recorded footage from the dead so now people can see footage of her doing…..whatever she did…because she opted to do recorded footage.

She probably doesn’t care…
but for those of us who get into the side of the biz to retain our anonymity..well…I cringed at the thought.

Other suggestions include:
Cool costumes.
Slutty clothing
fishnet anything
backgrounds for your web camming – i.e. go with a theme. Make it colorful. Like a movie set.
Music playing in the background: Unless you want to go “ooh, ahh, yes!” and make moaning noises…music can help you avoid this.
Except….some don’t mind if there is no sound.

Wish I had more info. I’ll update this as I learn more.


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