Brothel Babe’s TRIFECTA (Bonus Edition!): The Softer Side

26 Oct

NOTE: This is the BONUS to my weekend trifecta.
Today is the softer side. What is the softer side? The softer side is learning to bask in the glow of something different than what you’re used to.


Why courting a ho (in small doses) is essential: Your favorite ho is so confident about sex, she knows she can take home anyone from the bar she wants on a Friday night and bang them, just like guys do. Prior to her Ho-existence, conquests were her thing. But, brothels are a little different. She’s spent months working HARD to make guys fuck her….because its hard to convince guys to part with cash they don’t have. She’s WORKED to the point of killing almost all of her feminine spirit – that magic thing that makes a woman a woman.

    Cut this hard working ho a break:

Whether she admits it or not, a key part of the rebuilding her spirit is a little precious ROMANCE. After honing her expert skills of who is worthy of being on the receiving end of her heart, her intuition is pretty keen and she wants to show some tender affection. Chances are, she’s getting more generous in the kindness she shows to her friends. You might have noticed this. There is a different kind of affection too – one that she’s been waiting to give to somebody who truly deserves it.

Your favorite girl needs to know if you’ll let her show you a new way of doing things, and if you’ll return the favor in showing her your way of doing things too. Its cool if dudes don’t buy into tradition, but you’ll have to show her if you’ll be accept being on the receiving end of her quiet offering.

How can you do this?

Share your life. Your joys. Your frustrations.
Even if your day was boring, she probably wants to hear about it.

The Kiss.

The Glance.

The Love Songs

The unwarranted phone call. You can make up an important reason if you want to,
but the best reason is no reason!

The Lengthy Embrace.

Let her be there for you for the little things.

Curling up on the couch at midnight and falling asleep.

Without fucking.

Yes, you read that right.

The last thing she wants is for it to feel like work, and she’s really embarrassed
that her formerly favorite pastime has (temporarily!) lost a little bit of its allure and sparkle.
Sex can be restored to its former glow soon (with the right person, in the right situation, with the right patience.)
but right now…she’s more enjoying sitting and listening to the rain.
That’s a woman for ya.

Before you get down and party, you have to rebuild the mighty Aphrodite.


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