Sex Mechanic….

8 Nov

Its weird to have a heart that works like a woman…but also to look at certain situations like a man.

Take the issue of a broken heart.
I approach the issue of a broken heart like a confident mechanic.

I take a look at that heart and I say,
“Yea, I can get to work and make that ol’ boy run like new.”

Its nothing very deep
or very personal.
It’s just a thing that I’ve come to know.
Like that old mechanic that can tell you whats wrong with a car by the sound it makes when its going down the street….

I know the feel of a broken heart when it walks by.
I like to make broken hearts work better.
I like to get things in good working order using my hands, much like any mechanic…
I use my ears,
I listen
I give things an oil change.
Ok, lots of oil changes…
Lube when needed….
I give things a work up.
I take that fine piece of machinery for a ride.

Then I send him on his way.
Thus, I am a proud mechanic.

if I did a particularly fine job on that piece of machinery,
I might want to park it in my garage.
More than once, if it felt good in there.
Maybe take it out for a spin. A late night ride or two in this fair city.

Not a lot of cars are worth keeping.
The proper car needs to be….
Sexy with intelligent lines……
Late 60s to late 70s models.
Like any mechanic…
I do what I like,
I like what I do…
and sometimes I like to do what I do both inside, and outside of the shop.


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