A little refresher for newbies….

15 Nov

Hello everybody,

I am Brothel Babe.
I have NOT been working in a brothel for the last four weeks.
The only reason I have NOT been in a brothel is because I have been making a video to put on Kickstarter.com.
The goal of going on kickstarter.com is to raise funds to turn this blog into a book.

I just saw the first edit of the video.
As soon as we finish the video, I go back to work.

If you want to get caught up, you can read the “About” section of the blog.
I’m really missing fucking people for money.

I’m a real hooker.
A real legal one.
No this is not fiction.
Yes I really work in a brothel in Nevada.
Yes I am a real woman.
Yes I am fucking awesome.
Yes I love to fuck people for money.
No I don’t want to do it forever.
That’s why I’m trying to write about my experiences
and turn it into a god damn book.

K THX Byebye,
Brothel Babe

P.S. I thought this was funny. You will enjoy.



2 Responses to “A little refresher for newbies….”

  1. marko-ireland November 25, 2010 at 3:15 am #

    well now that i hav reached the end i must say, i enjoyed that read and mayb compared to some of the girls here in belfast your lucky to hav a legal brothel to work in, i visit girls here and pay them for sex,bit like a brothel i go on an escort site and see who catches my eye,but i really take to the point where you mention not getting to date guys and you dont want to do it for rest of your life well like myself as a client i dont want to be visiting escorts for the rest of my life either,and theres especially 1 who i would even date knowing what she does,thats simply beacuse of who she is not what she does, im only 25 so theres hope for me yet lol, so miss Brothel babe hope evrything goes well for you the way you want it to, people will always try to drag ya down n this life,but f*** them doo what you feel best for you!!
    ireland x

    • brothelbabe November 25, 2010 at 6:21 am #

      Thank you very much for the positive words. There have been people who are offended that I am working hard to promote my writing – your comment makes me feel much better.Escorts are drama free and won’t lie to you – they can also help you figure out what you are seeking in a real woman, so it isn’t all bad just dating escorts while you are still in your 20s. Try having girls move in and move out of your house, or a girl who stays with you all the time and will never leave your couch! Escorts sound better, huh ?

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