Why I won’t tell you my nickname or where I work….

20 Nov

There has been much tweet debate today over
A. Whether or not I am a “real whore”
B. What Brothel I actually work in
C. What nickname I go by.

You should know that I will not tell you any of the above.
Here is why:

Any girl who has worked at one of the upper end brothels has had it beaten into her that vice and undercovers are constantly watching for inappropriate conduct because marketing yourself outside of a brothel can be considered SOLICITATION, which is a FEDERAL OFFENSE.

I do not know the specifics of such laws.
I have looked into it, thinking “oh I can skirt around this law, if I know the rules.”
I was mystified at how difficult it actually is to figure out the specifics of marketing the legal sex industry outside of the state of Nevada.

The only thing that I learned is this:
If you don’t want to get busted, slapped with a fine, or fired, you shouldn’t try it, and you shouldn’t even come close to any of it.

You might think its a friendly conversation between us, but for all I know, you’re trying to paint me into a corner, and you’re some undercover trying to get me to discuss prices with you.

I am NOT USING MY BLOG to increase my clientele at my work.
I went to work in a brothel to learn about my own sexuality, to learn about how men view sex, and to get comfortable in my own skin.
I did not go into the sex industry to become a sex star, a porn star, or an adult entertainer.

If I end up nude somewhere, lets hope its my photos that I actually took for my work.


One Response to “Why I won’t tell you my nickname or where I work….”

  1. Max Thunders November 21, 2010 at 8:03 pm #

    I think you might get some sage advice on the marketing side of the adult services business from a good entertainment lawyer or contract services attorney. Years ago, I did such work for companies who wished to enter the Japanese and other Asian markets …. perhaps you might find someone who you can put some trust in for a little advice to expand your “business”.

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