Fan love, thank you guys.

1 Dec

Brothel Babe Scores her First Interview(s)!

Way stoked, I say.
I am scheduling my first interview ever today.

My “Rep” is setting it up so its not like the person who is interviewing me knows who I am. We shall meet for coffee, we shall interview. I shall try to appear obscure and unknown.

What does this mean?
Is it time for a disguise?
Is it time to dye my hair?
Certainly not time to get that tattoo I was planning on.

So that’s one interview that’s for a sex issue of a magazine that comes out next year. The magazine is not a sex magazine, but the magazine is doing a sex issue.

Then there is a gentleman’s magazine. I boldly sent in my photos and the editor was like, “Call me!”
and I called my Rep because I didn’t know what the hell to do, so he said, “Want me to call for you?”
As there is the debate of….do I take my clothes off for said magazine, or do I try to write for said magazine?

Rep says:
I should be writing articles with contracts that keep me employed.

I say:
Sometimes you have to do stuff simply for the publicity.

HOWEVER….I suppose if I can avoid taking my clothes off as long as possible, that would be good.
There is the assumption that most sex workers, adult entertainers, etc, have to take their clothes off to be “famous.”
If I manage not to take my clothes off, not show my face…that would prove a pretty big point:

That if you have guys by the brains, you still have them by the balls.
Maybe not every guy, but at least guys who spend money.

Had my first twitterview today. (A “twitter interview.”) between me (@thebrothelbabe) and @smugglingplums. He tried to get me to chat prices. I will never chat prices.

For the whole wreckage of twitter haters that I experienced last week, this week is nothing but love:

From @thecomicpimp:
“best blog on the internet especially the etiquette section”

from @smugglingplums
“If ur looking 4 porn u maybe disappointed. If ur literate, its worth it.”

from @glenallenart
“@thebrothelbabe great blog! thank you for sharing it.”

Then of course is the ongoing rapport I’ve been having with comedian @KeithLowell.
He’s great if you have not checked him out yet.
I want to bring him to my hometown to do a comedy show for my birthday.

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t talked about sex lately:
Been working to finish this damn book.
I checked my schedule.
It looks like I will be heading to a place outside of Nevada if I can pass the audition.
(OMG – an illegal sex house? WTF)

Every good Whore has a “cover” and I finally have a good “cover” scenario so its less apparent that I’m going to be gone all the time. I used to broadcast it to my friends in real life when I would be leaving town, but it got to the point that they all assumed I was moving away. My new technique will be not blabbing about it to anybody when I leave or if I leave, and I’ll see if anyone notices. I’m honestly too much of a social hermit for anybody to notice except for my bodyguard and my BFF.


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