Q & A with The Babe! Holiday Edition!

13 Dec

I turned to my twitter fans for my Q&A this month!

How does safe sex & 69 work with women in the business?
Its the law that we use condoms all the time.
When it comes to guys going down on a girl, there’s a couple options.
1. A girl can use saran wrap (i.e. puts saran wrap on her genital area)
2. Forgo anybody going down on you completely

I prefer option #2 myself. I put a condom on a guys finger if he wants to fingerbang.
A good portion of the girls don’t like guys going down on them at work.

Why don’t girls let guys go down on them at work?
Aside from obvious protection issues, many women consider this “sacred territory” i.e. something they reserve for their husbands and significant others only.

What’s the oldest person you have had sex with?
It isn’t like we look at their ID’s (unless they pay with credit cards) but I’m going to guess my guy was about 78 or 80.

The REAL QUESTION you should be asking is, what is the oldest guy to turn me on! I’m pretty sure he was old enough to be my dad. Certainly.

How can a man get in the business if that’s possible.
Ahhh so you want to be a prosti-dude! There is only one prosti-dude that I know of working at one of the houses.
You can read about it here: Prosti-dude (from the NY Post)

Would it b possible 2 have sex with you in the future if u r still in the business when I’m ready?
Welllllll…unofficially I’ve been trying to get out of the business and I have given myself until January to do so. But the way the economy is going, I’ll end up back in the business, unless Jesus wants to save my ass.
So yeah, You can still fuck me in a legal house, when its legal, if its legal, but I won’t be going by the name Bambi, or any Brothel-Babe affiliated name. I’m happy to recommend some wonderful legal ladies at some of the houses.

He had this to say in regards to “I miss it raining dicks more than it raining money” blog:
And you r right. Sex is mostly what men think about. Not to talk about. Talking about sex 2 a woman is like a turnoff if you’re always joking or talking about it! It’s easier for a woman 2 have a man than it is for a man to get any woman.
I disagree with the above because the rules change when you’re a ho. If I wasn’t a ho, a blogging ho at that, the rules would be very different. Currently the man I want is off-limits. Sooooo we talk about sex instead. What’s a girl to do?

He also left me with some inspirational thoughts:
“The most important thing in life is to find a world you can belong to. Our lives only begin to mean something when we can find that world.”

Well sir, I have to agree with you on that one. Talking about dicks and vaginas all the time, my world has started to mean something, but not in the sense that you might think. Its put me in touch with a world of people I would not have gotten to know before, and I feel very fortunate to have met some of those people. Even though a lot of them don’t know the real me or “can’t know” the real me (to protect my identity) – we still share laughter and can still relate to each other. I enjoy this about writing about my work.

He also recommended a movie called “The Time Changer” – maybe I will watch it when I get some free time:

In parting he wants to know:
Where can I find a younger woman who might want me. I’m 55 & have no grey hair but all these dating sites insist on hooking me up with women around my age. I want a younger woman no older than 40.


or Craigslist.org

My suggestion for Craigslist:
1. Get a professional photo taken Go to a photo studio (JC Penney? Sears? Wal Mart? Anywhere)
Wear a nice polo shirt or a sweater in a neutral colo for your photos. Do some of you smiling, some not smiling, and some with a sweet mona lisa smile.

2. Ask a lady friend or a longtime female co-worker to help you write a paragraph about yourself that will go on craigslist.

3. If you feel better about it, write your own paragraph. Here’s an example of what it could say. Adjust it to fit your needs:
Hi – my name is David. I am a 55 year old male who has been married X times…..I’m on good terms with my ex wife and have good relationships with my children, who are in their 20s. I’m seeking a woman who is age 35-44 and is looking for a serious relationship. I enjoy doing typical things such as dinner and movies, but also enjoy travel, seeing live shows, and trying new things. I’m adventurous, have a sense of humor, and am a loyal and devoted friend. Please tell me a little about yourself with your name and where you are from in the subject line. NO PHOTO, NO RESPONSE.”

Include stuff that you like to do in your solo time.
Keep the ad simple. One paragraph.
I.e. that’s why I told you to go get studio photos taken.
It looks a little cheesy, but chicks dig it when they can see a guys face.

In parting I leave you all with a youtube vid!


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