Hookers vs. Presidents? Yes, I’m going there.

19 Dec

Having a “friend” tell you to quit everything you’ve worked so hard for, is probably the shittiest thing you could hear.

I’m midway through a publicity campaign of sorts for this blog. It doesn’t help when people close to you have NO understanding of this process.

What I could really use right now is some people who support me in turning this blog into a book…who acknowledge and support my decision to LIVE DAILY morally questionable ground.

I’ll tell you something that I do to keep my real life and work life separate: At work I can turn my emotions on and off at will for the sake of fucking whoever I want. OUTSIDE of brothels, feelings are allowed. I love who I love, I care for who I care for, but I also keep my emotions in check because my life is not all sunshine and roses right now. I’ve got finances that need straightening, I’ve got things I want to accomplish…love is grand, but reality is my #1 focus.

If we based success on that which was “only pleasurable” – probably 90% of our valuable inventions, laws, and social changes wouldn’t have happened. Perfecting inventions can be maddening. People have to die for new laws to take hold.
We got here out of sacrifice, not pleasure.

So I give you – how Whore campaigning and Presidential Campaigning might be similar:

1. There’s no going back to yesterday.
Your friends think “Oh you can give this up and go back to your normal life! You don’t have to do this!”. They don’t understand that you already tried everything else there is to try, and this is IT for you. A whore is never “something else” in her hometown, she merely becomes an ex-whore. Look at Sarah Palin. After spending gobs of money and doing ridiculous publicity stunts to make a thing successful, you’d be a fool to quit. If you’ve put yourself through hell already, you have to see some things through to the end.

2. Just because somebody isn’t trying to “get into bed with you”, that doesn’t mean they’re an asshole. If anything, they might be an asset. The thing that makes you successful in the professional world is the OPPOSITE of what makes you successful in romance land. Sure. I have colleagues I wanna fuck. WHO DOESN’T get crushes in the work place?

However, having those feelings doesn’t make my colleagues assholes for not acting on those emotions. If anything, I respect them more for their ability to keep their emotions in check, which will lead to sustaining business relationships.

3. Your reps have profits and money in mind. This makes them your “friends in business”, not assholes.
According to my “friends” – its somehow sacrilegious any time one of my reps does something that stresses me out, makes me vomit, or makes me uncomfortable.

Somebody told me, “oh it sounds like your rep doesn’t have your best interest in mind.”
It is in the interest of my rep to do whatever will help me turn a profit and pay my bills.
If its awkward at first, so be it.

4. You will soon start to prefer the company of writers, reporters, and people who will respect your weird life. The deeper I dive into my Ho journey – the more I am starting to prefer the company of fellow writers, reporters, my reps, and those kinds of colleagues over my regular friends, as they seem to have more respect for my secrets, and exactly how weird my life is right now.

Lately I feel like all my friends want to do is be “for” or “against” certain aspects of my life.

I’m sorry – happiness is a process. Not a vote.
If everybody in my life had to immediately decide whether they were “for” or “against” me – I think I’d kill myself over all the fake bullshit swirling around.

Truth is: I thought I was going to be able to quit my job in January because I thought I had met somebody who was worth quitting my job for.  In fact, the opposite is true. Instead of feeling like my love for a person makes a job worth quitting – I feel completely different – I feel like working harder at the things I love because hopefully, some day soon, I would have somebody to share that success with.

I may not know who that person is, but I’d like to think that love happens not BECAUSE of everything, love happens in SPITE of everything else.

I guess what most normal friends don’t understand is that now that I’ve been away from “the business” long enough…
I know back in the biz is where I belong right now.

If for no other reason than to have good stories to share with all of you.

Brothel Babe, signing out.



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