Chutzpah! I haz it.

21 Dec

My rep tells me I have Chutzpah.
Thank you for reminding me, as I have forgotten.

This week has been a strange week of
“Everyone Pick on Bambi” week.

Keep in mind, I am a strong willed, opinionated woman. I’ve always been one to “vent”, or sit down analytically and find workable solutions to my problems. It has never much been my style to get too teary eyed about how upsetting the world is.

Without the “blessing” of the sex industry, I can see why everyone is feeling so hopeless. Trying to ponder life without stepping into a brothel or a undercover sex joint, I find myself on the same page of the rest of the 20-somethings in this depressed economy, wondering what the fuck I am gonna do with myself, and how the hell I am going to get by with no feasible way to pay my bills.

Whats the saying though?
Only dead fish swim with the sea.

I’ll admit – I took a little breather from the industry because I had a couple bad weeks where the money was slow.

The collective “bad juju” that was happening at my ranch at the time was a little hard to handle: Had a bad boss who was crazy and was making girls cry….had a couple crazy bitches working at the house…but mainly that bad manager took a once happy whorehouse and made it a living hell for all of the girls who were there.

He’s not working there any more.
So, its time to go back.

Plus….I’m tired of getting lectured by my virgin friend…and by my mom….
really, when my bills were paid from fucking people, I was doing just fine.
I dunno what made me want to quit so bad anyway.

OH YEAH. I had a video to make for kickstarter…
and I sorta I fell for someone….

He’s delightful, he lights up the room….
Getting to know him was good for my joie de vivre…so now its back to business as usual.

I’m making a special field trip to by some new ho shoes this week, and after New Years hits, I’m BACK to my regular adventures!


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