Dirty talkers

27 Dec

The more I come to learn about the opposite sex
the more it becomes increasingly obvious that I’m shiz-wacked for life
and I will likely end up with a life partner who is female.

Boys man. I can’t deal with them any fucking more.
It’s like everybody feels like a client
even when somebody is not a client

And I can’t handle the “mind fucking” any more
I don’t want a mind fuck
need a mind fuck
care for a mind fuck
I just want somebody who loves me
and I don’t give A FUCK
whether its a male
or a female

But when my best option out there is a FEMALE
and she makes me feel better
loves me better
is kinder
is warmer
is not manipulative or demeaning in any way….
It makes me want to swear off men, save them for work, and swing on over to the other side.

You know I got headfucked
when a a guy I have sex with makes me curl up in a little ball and cry
12 hours later
“What did I do to get spoken to like that?”

I try to rack my brain of what men in my life have EVER spoken to me that way…
My father
my brothers
my male friends…
NOBODY has ever been demeaning in this way.
So its like, why do I manage to attract a guy who wants to engage in a mind fuck now?
At THIS stage in my life?

Do I attract the chaos because secretly I wanna be with a woman?
Am I so through with the mind-fucking of the opposite sex that I am putting myself through my own misery so I can say, “see ya later boys?”

Its literally the only time in my life where I feel like…Not even I, Bambi, understands herself.


2 Responses to “Dirty talkers”

  1. Neo_Anderson69 December 27, 2010 at 4:29 pm #

    Just remember this simple rule. Testosterone rules a man’s world & estrogen rules a womans world
    Try this experiment. Think of a time b 4 you were in the business when your mind starts 2 stress out cause of men. If theres anything we were put on this world for it must b 2 love or continue on as a species. It’s all hardwired into the brain after 100,000’s of years of modern humans being around on this world. Life’s too short to dwell on the bad for more than a few seconds. Try to enjoy life’s little pleasures, or find something or somewhere to escape to even if it’s only in your mind

  2. Brian Supersomethin' January 2, 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    Gender doesnt matter. Just look for that connection.

    Everything should make you happy. Nothing should make you scared.

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