Hollywood Excursions – my new favorite stripper seamstress

31 Dec

For those of you who don’t know – finding great stripper clothing is hard.
There is a store in vegas that I stumbled upon where you’re lucky to find an outfit tailored to suit your needs.

I’m in Hollywood doing some adult-industry exploring and I thought I would stop along Hollywood Boulevard to explore some of the blatant “Ho Clothes Stores.”

Obvious rows of exotic dancer shoes and go-go boots are dead giveaways that a
store will have what you are looking for.

I checked out some stores and aside from a few overpriced pieces, I was mostly not amused.

But then I glimped at the window across the street to a small, dimly lit shop which seemed to have some cute bikinis in the window. For some reason it was calling me over, and I went inside. The store is called Ultra Vixen.

It becomes immediately clear that this store is different from all the rest: A hooker’s dream come true, if you will. The outfits in this store had magic to them: More sparkles, more attention getting, more glam, better quality – durability, what every ho needs! Its the kind of excitement you’d encounter as a preteen visiting your first Sanrio Shop (if you’re a girl, you know that feeling).

What called my name: This intergalactic ruffle bikini with bottoms that had this CarmenMiranda3000 vibe. I felt compelled to try it on. Stepping out of the dressing room I am thrilled with these pieces. It’s completely clear they are one of a kind – hand-sewn and made with love.

While there are price tags tags on the garments, its not obvious what the prices are. So I ask the lady at the conter about the prices and its clear she owns the place. I’m floored at how GOD DAMN REASONABLE her prices are.

I couldn’t resist chatting her up.
I say I’m brothel babe, I work at the legal brothels in Nevada, and ask if we could do an interview of some kind or if I could plug her in my blog.

The owner’s story is pretty awesome:
She was a stripper for 10 years.
I asked her if she started designing stripper clothes as a way to get out of the busines and she said, “No I wanted to be the hottest stripper in town! I wanted leopard and vinyl and they didn’t have things like that back then.”
I asked how she learned to sew.
She said, “I remember buying my first sewing machine with my friend at Woolworth’s, and I took a garment apart, started from there….back then it was very elementary sewing, nothing like what I am doing now.”

When I mention that I work in Pahrump, she also tells me that she owns a house there and the house was inhabited (and subsequently thrashed) by a certain famous Hollywood Madam. It was 3 years ago that her house in Pahrump got thrashed, and she’s just now going to court for it in February.

I asked her if any celebrities come in.
She said David Arquette was coming in for the party he is throwing tomorrow, Hayden Pannettiere has dropped in to buy a few outfits, and Daryl Hannah has stopped in from time to time.

So – this lady is underground for now, she’s very lo-tech with no computer for now (her laptop got stolen a few days ago) but I had some ideas for how she could get this miraculous fashion into the hands of the Ho World. We will all be forever grateful.

I hope she names that wondrous bikini the Carmen3000. It might be my new favorite.

Check out Ultra Vixen:
6435 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
213 804 1443

I’m pretty certain that if you want a bikini made in your
our size, this wonderful lady can do it.

Photosd to follow!!


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