Sealed Lips IRL

8 Jan

Hi Boys and Girls,

Here’s a quote:
“It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” — George Eliot

My life is at the point where I am spinning so many plates and the less I talk, the better things seem to happen. Nothing of epic or profitable proportions yet, but the kind of thing where it looks like this:

A. If you talk about it and it doesn’t happen, you’re crazy
B. If you talk about it while it’s happening – you’re a name dropper
C. If you talk about it after it’s already happened, you’re just a bitch.

Frankly, I don’t cared to be viewed as a “Crazy name-dropping bitch” by my peers so it sucks balls but even some of my closer friends…I’m avoiding whole TOPICS of conversation.

Mainly good news.
Some bad news too.
Mostly good.

There’s other things I’ve had my fill of too in this Ho-asis of craziness:
1. All the uninvited critiques of my career moves, from people who’ve never made a DIME in my area of showbiz.

2. Everybody becoming an instant relationship expert. FRANKLY, if you haven’t simultaneously been a ho and dated someone, you have absolutely NO GROUNDS for giving me advice on my dating life. 90% OF guys disappear and move on instantaneously. I’ve come to expect it, its just the way it is, and it doesn’t make a guy an asshole if he can’t handle my controversial job.

3. People thinking I don’t care. CARING vs. CAREFREE = two different things. My life motto usually ranges from “whatevs” to “IDGAF” depending on depending on my mood and how much protein or cock I’ve had that day. It doesn’t mean I don’t care. Girls who don’t care don’t spend this much time on their mascara. Nor do they groom their nether-regions as immaculately as I do. So I care, I just don’t give a fuck. Get it right, people.

So I’m surrendering to Ho-ville if you will.

My fellow working girls understand.

Your “weird” is our normal.

We’ve developed routines and precautionary steps in our lives to make sure that what is normal remains normal.

We give up talking to you normals. Truth is, most of you “normals” simply can’t handle it.

It doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE my normal friends.
Or I don’t care
Or I’m shutting you out.
I’ve just gotten wiser about what you have the strength to separate in your mind as painful and traumatic vs. my job and business.

I don’t like when my friends take this “oh poor Bambi” stance and view me as a victim just because I’m a prostitute.

I work where I work to be empowered and have freedom of schedule and lifestyle.
My dad didn’t rape me.
I wasn’t abused.
I’m not on drugs.
So there you have it.

I just wish…….I dunno. Maybe I need to make friends with John Waters or something. He’s probably weird enough that all this bullshit is commonplace.


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