No more CA or NV publications/radio unless you’re national….

20 Jan

Hi friends,

I’ve decided that to protect my privacy and to avoid any animosity between me and my co-workers, I will no longer be doing any interviews or writing for any radio stations, TV, or publications in Nevada or California, UNLESS it is for a national or international publication that is known on a larger scale.

1. Publicity vs. Privacy.
While publicity is important, I have friends and family in both of these states and do not wish to draw any attention to myself.

2. Peer resentment among the brothel community
It is not my desire to be hated or feel resented by my peers and co-workers in the brothel industry. I was hated in school and do my best to be nice to everyone at work.
I’ve also been heckled enough by former co-workers (who no longer work at my brothel) that the first experience was painful enough and I would prefer not to repeat it.

3. Getting outed on the inside circle
The brothel community is very small and there’s always the risk when you do interviews or appearances that somebody can track your license plate number, take a photo when you are distracted, and do a host of other things to track you down. Even a physical description alone leaves me at risk for being “outed.”

4. Would prefer to work with bigger publications that don’t get overly personal. After getting a disrespectful essay from somebody who was trying to offer me publicity (which I turned down because it conflicts with my schedule) you would think they assumed I was your generic dumb hooker walking the streets of Vegas, who doesn’t know how to promote herself.

I simply do not have time or energy for this kind of disrespectful communication.

5. I have bigger goals than just a book, or just hooking for the rest of my life. Its no mistake that I haven’t been to the brothels in a couple months because I have been working on this book, and its also no secret that I work on another life and another profession outside of working in the brothels.

OBVIOUSLY I have to mix in some fiction with my truth, in order to protect the people I write about and protect the truth.

Do too many interviews, get asked too many questions, and all the sudden my credibility goes out the window. I will use my own discretion for working with publications that I feel will respect my desire to protect the truth, and if my intuition tells me that somebody is being voyeuristic or is getting too personal, I will avoid them at all costs.

6. One more paper trail I don’t need
I don’t have a DBA account or a fictitious name, or a PO box yet. One more 1099 or taxpayer ID is yet another way to track me down. No matter how many times somebody says they will keep your secret – THEY MIGHT, but their editor may not, their accountant may not, their interns may not – you really never know.


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