2 Feb

Things with Blake have been going well.
In spite of the weird month we spent getting to know each other…a month where tragedy seemed to be all around, and chaos was in full swing….

Well…I’ll tell you I made the decision to shut down this blog briefly.
Mainly because some uppity schmuppity investor type was scouting my work,
and a friend of a friend of a friend of his, theoretically knows that I’m a whore.

So, would Bambi REALLY put her art career on the line, risk investor man finding out my ho-status, ruining all prospects at getting my her art funded?

No way, no how.
Like my pussy with a boyfriend, I put this whole game on lockdown.

Couple this with the fact that some bitches in the Ho and Radio industry have been trying to “out” the real me,
its an instant recipe for making a hermit of real-life Bambi.
I made a bold move to shut everything down.
Protect my twitter, protect the blog, tell magazine editors that interviews are off,
as now is “not the time.”

Its typical of any ho really, to go off and disappear.
That’s what legal whores do.
We go off and get real jobs for a few months.
We try our hand at real life.
We make some money during the holiday season so we can be home with our families and friends.
We realize those holiday jobs won’t last,
and as soon as the snow melts, we are back in Nevada, the place we call home.

Blake knows about my whore status,
except I still haven’t been to the brothel since I have been seeing him.
I have however left town on business (not sex related) and he seems to thrive well when I’m gone.
He’s taken on all this new work.

I’ve never seen a man work so hard to get his shit in action.
You would think he found the girl of his dreams or something.

Couldn’t be me.
Although, if he wanted to give me a real life version of “Pretty Woman” – I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed.
We even talked about my blog/book and how the whole thing is supposed to end.
That’s exactly my problem right now,
I feel like I’m supposed to give you all some kind of triumph.
The beginning’s end.

Blake tells me that its necessary in the story of my ho-ville life that I fall in love,
and get my happily ever after, just like Julia Roberts.
Except I told him, Art is the love of my life. I want somebody who can travel the world with me while I do my art.

It’s kind of a tall order, wanting a man who will set his own dream aside so he can be your bitch while you go off and handle your own.
But, that’s what I need….I accept how crucial sex is to my sanity .

To be honest…
I just got back from road/business trip with my Virgin friend…and…
Of all the fights we had over how we run our business…I secretly wondered how much of her blowing up at me,
had to do with the fact that she may have never had an orgasm in her life.

More on that later.


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