I slayed today. Boffs of the day.

6 Feb

I fucking slayed today. I killed it. I’m $50.00 away from being top booker. I would fuck another dude if my pussy didn’t hurt already. I’m kind of impressed with myself that I got up this early and made this much money and my car payment is fucking COVERED. I’ll be able to cash out, head to the bank, pay my car payment, and still have a little cash left over. That…is an amazing feeling. If this is what happens when I apply myself, it makes me wonder how well “applying myself” can transfer to other areas of my life. This is probably the first day I have really applied myself in like, two years. Makes me feel like transitioning out of here is possible.

Dude #1: He is a guy from Fiji who owns his own business. We talked about owning our own business…and I said how much I liked to fuck people for money and it was hard to go wrong. At first the price I quoted him was too high but then I said, “girl’s gotta eat!” and he appreciated my honesty. He bought drinks for the whole bar. I wished secretly that he had given me a hundred bucks instead of spending that money on alcohol.

Dude#2: Friend of dude #1. His friend totally paid for him…and essentially my theory is whenever a friend pays for a guy, he always wants to take advantage of the situation and get more than he really deserves. It was one of those things  where I had a brief 60 seconds of thinking “I am in hell” but by the time that was over, his time was up. Still, no man should ever hold a girls head during a blowjob to make her go faster. That shit is domineering and should only be reserved for pornos, not for real life, asshole.

Dude #3: I could tell when this group of crisp and clean middle aged men came in that they had some decent cash flow. Guess who I got? The OBGYN!  And guess what he wanted to do? Finger bang, of course. Normally I would say no to finger banging, but part of me had this undying curiosity as to whether a gynecologist in a brothel would know how to fingerbang a gal. It was not as epic as I expected…but it was fun to cross that whole “fucking a gynecologist” thing off of my list. I got to ask him questions like whether or not he’s inevitably turned women on while doing his thing at work (yes) or whether he prefers shaved pussies to pubic hair of some kind. (No preference.) Funny how he went to medical school for his preoccupation with Vagina, while I am here…no schooling required.

Dude #4: He insisted he had some kind of interesting job that led him to travel across country in a 42 foot motorhome…but Dinna swears that he is just a weed dealer. Which would make sense, as I do recall a faint smell of marijuana, and noticed there was no grease whatsoever under his fingernails. He admitted that I was the kind of girl who, if he saw me walk by at a Casino, he would not talk to me at all because I was “too hot” . His dick was too big for it to be enjoyable…but whatever.

The guy I didn’t fuck: This  really HOT ENGLISH TEACHER from the northwest also came in. He totally gave newlywed vibe, but it turns out the guy has three kids. If you are reading this right now Mr. English teacher…you’re fucking sexy….and while we didn’t fuck, I appreciated our conversation.


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