Wonderful Imagination

7 Feb

You have to have a wonderful imagination to work here.
Days like today (the Superbowl) – when the whole day has gone by and only a couple of people have come in….we sit around kind of waiting for guys to get drunk enough to get the idea that this is where they should be.

I woke up to find the cashier and another girl making a sign for the “Super Bowl Party.” – their own need to keep themselves busy had made an arts and crafts eruption all over our giant banquet table. Covered in letters that they had cut and colored themselves, I guess in a couple hours they had managed to construct this whole giant 10 foot sign.

Katrina asked me to hold up the giant pan of beans so she could spread the beans into a pan and make 7 layer bean dip.

Only a few people came to watch the Superbowl….who watches the Superbowl in a brothel anyway?

Trays of deli platters remained mostly untouched except by us girls who snacked as we walked by.

You imagine how much fun all your friends are probably having without you…thinking you should be hanging out with them laughing at the commercials. But we all sat around together and laughed at the half time show instead.

Fast forward to nighttime and all of us are sitting in the bar, hoping on one customer. He’s looking intently into Katrina’s eyes and they are holding hands. Odds of us making money off of him are probably not gonna happen.

Asia found a teeny piece of paper (a wrapper of some kind) that was gold and said “I’ve got a golden ticket!”

Five minutes later, she’s folded it into a paper airplane and she’s flying it over at us.

Next thing we know…there’s an imaginary man in the chair that she is acting out her own music video to.

After that, the chair becomes a spinning Wheel of Fortune.

She gives it a good hard spin, says “C’mon, gimme money, come on!” just like she’s on the game show. She watches attentively til the chair comes to a slow stop. We’re all imagining the Wheel of Fortune right along with her.

“I won a trip to Vegas!” she says. Hands fly in the air. We all erupt in laughter.

Like I said…you have to have a good imagination to work here.


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