BB’s first fan visit…

11 Feb

A guy walks in with a certain glow in his eyes like he’s really excited to be here.
He picks me out of lineup.
He tells me how nervous he is.
He tells me he knows who I am…
and he came just to see me.

We talk about the prospect of sex…
nude massage…
But then he says, “I really just want to interview you.”

Uh oh. That’s the kinda statement that puts Bambi on edge.

He says we emailed. We’ve communicated before.
“Who did you come for?” I asked…

Hooker Interrogation style.
“BB.” He says.
(Code word for Brothel Babe.)

“What email do you use?”
He gives me the nickname.
It’s sounding more familiar.

“Are you on the message boards? What do you go by over there?”
He gives me the last nickname and suddenly, it’s all coming together.

My first fan!
Here to see me!
In the flesh!

This is amazing!

He didn’t just come from anywhere, he flew in, all the way from Kentucky!
Looks like I’m lucky today.

I asked him if he was flying in for other things…
But nope, he just decided to fly in at some point yesterday….flew into the bay area, rented a car, and then drove here.

He even brought me some chocolate.

At first we talked in the bar but when there are lineups and I am on shift, I’m not allowed to just stay in the bar and talk…so my first fan was glad to compensate me for my time, so we went to my room and chatted for a good half hour.

Yes! I got paid for my time…to TALK.


Of course…there’s the worry. All it takes is one person and I could be immediately outed. I had personal items in my room that were a dead giveaway for my other life. Paintbrushes in a cup on the sink. Work I’ve done on the wall.

He had all kinds of suggestions for my art….We talked about the stuff on the message boards where my personal identity was revealed.

I told him if people want to go on thinking I am a fraud, that’s actually better for my personal life. The “Does she or doesn’t she?”  is the kind of rumor that our American Culture loves.

I told him I wasn’t really sure why people would think I am a fraud, because books cost money to make.

I told him, I know things because I have relatives in the book business. I know that my relatives had a dream of mailing off a bunch of books for promotional purposes to all of these people who they thought would like it, but when sales dropped because their publicist wasn’t doing her job, the money dried up, and they couldn’t follow through with it.

I told him about my little dream of traveling to places like Amsterdam and walking into the brothels and the sex shops and talking with the owners, in hopes that they would put my book on their shelves.

My fan/friend thought this was a good idea.

We brought up how people think I’m a fraud because I’m not rolling in cash.
I think they assume that most hookers are rolling in dough. Because I’m not…and its a regular topic of conversation…I must be a fake.

I’m fine if you go on thinking  I’m a “fake” hooker, but I am FOR SURE a real writer.

That’s how I felt anyway after my first real fan came all the way to Nevada to visit. Like the book is a real thing that’s finally happening…and if one person is willing to travel over 10 hours at the spur of the moment just to meet me…I look at it as a good omen of what kind of fans I have waiting for me on the other side, when this book is finished.

So you all know….I had pondered leaving work to go home today…and had I left this morning like I originally planned….my fan and I never would have met!

Those candies he brought? They were Chocolate Covered Cherries…because I was popping his brothel cherry. NICE TOUCH.

He did ask for a flash of boobs…which I was (of course) happy to provide. That was kind of how we said goodbye. 🙂


2 Responses to “BB’s first fan visit…”

  1. Neo_Anderson69 February 11, 2011 at 3:29 pm #

    Sounds like it was a positive moral booster also. It’s funny how fate or karma works & if thats true you may be getting another fan visitor there real soon too. I’d like to read that book also. It sounds like interesting material I’d want to read also as there isn’t too much available on the net or the real world except the show CatHouse

  2. marko-ireland February 19, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

    well im going to Amsterdam 29th april -2nd may,
    so if your over to see some nice places and visit the book shops, hit me up 😉

    Take Care and nice read, keep it up

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