Not like you were wondering……in case you were….

16 Feb

A fellow I ran into on Sunday night out at that dive bar is my facebook friend and offered to be my Valentine. He didn’t ask in person….he wrote me on facebook – said I looked great that night and thought he could make me smile for a day – that was all he wanted, nothing more.

I said yes.

Keep in mind that I just had a conversation with him a few hours prior about how the guy I was seeing has been avoiding me, because of my job. I told my friend how frustrating it was you know, coming home for Valentine’s day and then knowing I wasn’t going to be spending it with the person I planned.

He asked me what my job was.
I told him I worked in the “Adult Industry.” (I know, all of you are shaking your heads about my inability to keep my mouth shut about my job. Whatever. It’s not like I’m going to be stuck in this position forever.)

Back to the evening…
He doesn’t have a car but he lives in the middle of the city so I took the BART and met him at a place where some mutual friends work.

He has some flowers waiting for me.
Nothing that says he’s a tool – just a simple arrangement of potted flowers so I can water them.

They are my favorite color though, nice touch.

A few minutes after I get there who walks in and sits down?

An ex fling.
One of those ex flings I obsessed over a little too much….the kind where you try as hard as possible to be normal and do the normal thing – be consistent, and they deny your attempts so you are like “what’s wrong with you?” and then they actually admit to you that they are fucked in the head, thus giving you no chance of actually having any normal relations with them.

Yeah…he was one of those.

I was involved with said ex fling during my fake ID era, before hooking ever happened.
He used to be SO SEXY but alcoholism has made him pudgy in the face and suddenly the once “Older but really hot guy” is now not looking so hot any more.

It always makes me glad when somebody that things never worked out with…loses their sex appeal. Makes me glad things didn’t “work out.”

And for the record: A guy can lose his hair and still be sexy as hell…it’s more the lack of taking care of oneself that kills sexiness in a man.

Back to my friend…we decided to walk over to the same bar where I was at the night before! With the same biker teddy bear doorman!

I thanked the doorman for the advice.
He notices I am with a guy and its obvious I’m not with the guy I talked about last nite.
“What are you doing?” he says.
“Two timing???” I say half jokingly

We both burst out laughing as I walk in the door.
In all fairness, my friend was very nice to me – no attempts to make out, just a friendly Valentine’s day…which I was so very thankful for.

He said that he would like to take me out on a real date sometime soon.
“Do it up right, really take you out, when I have the money.” He said.

Strangely, I felt more valuable after one night when a guy doesn’t try to sleep with me.

If my whole sex adventure has just been a backwards quest to find the nice guy who will get to know me before he tries to sleep with me….I will be thoroughly disappointed in myself.


One Response to “Not like you were wondering……in case you were….”

  1. Neo_Anderson69 February 16, 2011 at 3:24 am #

    Your whole sex adventure has just been a backwards quest to find the nice guy (me?)who will get to know you before he tries to sleep with you….Let me know when you’ll be in my area so we can chat before I try to sleep with you. It’s in the same general neighbor hood as Bart, relatively speaking.I’ll make you feel more valuable after one night of not trying to sleep with you.

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