Stuff you google, by Brothel Babe

14 Mar

Yes, I’m going to write about the interesting stuff all of you readers google.

Brothel Babe – that’s me! Welcome to my blog.
Dirty Hustling – this is when one prostitute breaks the rules of the whorehouse and basically interfere’s with another prostitute’s business. Every brothel has slightly different rules but if it feels fishy and like you’re fucking with somebody’s game, it’s probably dirty hustling.

“brothel babe” blog
– Ahhh yes, I have a blog. This will be a book one day.

Inside whorehouses – Inside whorehouses some girls get their own bathrooms. Some don’t. There’s usually a parlor where there is a bar. The bar can be open 24/7 in Nevada and you only have to be 18 to go into a brothel, but if you are 18, you hang in the back. Inside a whorehouse, there are usually rooms with different themes. Some are fantasy oriented, some put you in a timewarp, etc. A lot of times girls will decorate her room as she sees fit, and she sleeps in the same room that she uhh…does business in. Although some girls like to separate the sex and the sleeping to different rooms.

bambi brothel babe – Yes, I go by “Bambi Brothelbuski” because when I’m telling you a story, I have to use a name, and Bambi sounds better than other names.

whorehouse etiquette – Ahhh etiquette. The etiquette should be, come showered, teeth brushed, anti perspirant on, minimal cologne, come with a wad of cash, come ready to fuck! Be prepared to wear a condom! Don’t be unrealistic about what you want vs. what you can afford to spend! Do research.

do prostitutes have morals – Yes and no, it depends on how much we care about whatever we are doing. Basically when the economy is shitty and you need to pay your rent, I’m sure stealing happens. But if you are talking about morals like, cheating and breaking peoples hearts….I really didn’t give a fuck until I met somebody who was interesting enough to me that I thought he deserved me being moral and forthright with him. Or…lets take kids you know, you do right by your kids, even if you steal from a whorehouse. Frankly, if I lied all the time, I’d be a wreck, but that’s just me.

sexual humor blog – yes, this blog is full of sexual humor. I hope you will read it.
family makes me angry – mine too. Such is life.
bambi brothelbuski – that’s me!
bree brothel nevada – she works at Kit Kat Ranch sometimes, or at a ranch close to the Utah border…I believe Bellas? I’m not sure.
brothel hooker – Hookers work on streets and though we say “ho” in jest,technically, we’re prostitutes.

what do prostitutes have against email
– Technically email is considered solicitation which is a federal offense once prices are mentioned. Anything that can be traced back to an IP address is a surefire way to get caught. And while we can answer questions, prices are tricky, because that’s illegal to mention, you dig?

hookers boundaries – First off, anal is against the law, and so is sex without condoms.
fuck yeah polyamory – While I was enthusiastic to learn about Polyamory, it is…..not for me. – that’s my email! Anything you write me could get re-posted in my blog. Know this!
morals and brothels – Ahhh….you know, if you are moral about keeping your marriage, I advise a brothel before an affair with a real life girl who will go crazy on your ass. Funny how that works, eh?
fuck investers – No, investors are your friends. I love them.
“business plan” brothel – So many brothel owners don’t have a business plan….complete with hi tech marketing strategies. If they caught up with social media, twitter, facebook, youtube, etc, the brothel industry might have a fighting chance, but most brothel owners lack a modern day business plan and are living in the past. I could turn a brothel around for sure if you wanted to invest, but so many brothel people by the time they pay all their fees, really don’t WANT to pay any more fees into marketing, even if that will increase their profits by a million bucks in a year. So…its paperwork and fees and legalities and….ughhhh…mostly business sense. Kudos to Dennis Hoff, the only brothel owner who invests proper fundage into a good marketing plan. You da man.

me fuckking at bunny ranch – Ahh…I don’t work there because I don’t wanna show my face. But…it’s a cool place.

brothel – my website. It happened on a whim.Really.
brothelbabe’s blog – happened at the suggestion of a friend, also on a whim. 7000 hits later….
brothel with friend – Yes! Bring a friend! A friend who keeps your secrets well!
genevieve wing – I do not know who she is. Anybody?
dickwad of the week award – Ahhh in my earlier days, I gave out a dickwad of the week award to whoever was the biggest asshole of the week. I long for the day that I can sell my own penis trophies in honor of this award. – I fucked a lot of people that day. Maybe my last glory day…who knows.
what happens to recorded video on – I don’t know – sometimes you have to click that you want it recorded, but really, anybody can record you at any time with the proper equipment. Why I avoid it.
porn stars on the rag – they use sponges! Just like brothel girls do, I’m sure….

cumming inside a prostitute with no condom
– Never happens unless a condom breaks…it’s totally fucking illegal.
how much did you spend at a brothel – the real question is, how much did you save by not dealing with crazy bitches in real life…how much time did you save, how many shitty relationships have you avoided? Lets get real here. Honesty is priceless.
boss is a dickwad – Mine too.
does sharks ranch test for herpes – you know, herpes is kind of hard to test for. They do a big swoop of tests annually but I don’t believe a test for herpes is one of them. I could be wrong.

thinking about working in a brothel – don’t fucking do it. Go work in a strip club instead. Think about your social life being ruined, your personal relationships being ruined…if you suffer from the inability to keep a secret like me…think about how much it will blow to sever off ties with people you maybe cared about once. Think about crying when you fell in love and somebody got away.
putting life on pause means – Yeah, working in a brothel can mean putting life on pause, don’t I know that. It doesn’t mean you can’t learn from it.
how do i get past my man seeing prostitutes before he met me – Oh baby baby baby, whether he had ex girlfriends or whether he saw prostitutes…be glad he saw prostitutes because it means maybe he has half a heart not to lie to women, or play gamees with their heads and hearts. If he’s seeing prostitutes instead of real life skanks, trust me, its a good think, because he probably has a better moral conscience than a guy who will lie repeatedly to women just to get laid.

i took a photo of husband into brothel
– my Goodness. Unless he’s a nympho…or he doesn’t love you….that sucks.

barstow brothel – uhhh Barstow is halfway to pahrump nevada, where the legal brothels are.
whorehouse hawaii Are there brothels in Hawaii? Anyone?

webcam modelling – Hookers try to webcam…but its not really lucrative unless you wanna plaster your face everywhere.

horse whore story – yeah there was that guy who went to an animal farm and totally died….ewwww

dick check – we check every dick for STDs. I personally google STD’s on the internet so I know what I’m getting into if anything suspicious comes up. if it looks suspicious, we smarties in america don’t touch those wangs.

do ladies in brothels make you feel bad – only if you are trying to lowball us, or trying to hang out in a brothel without actually having sex (aka wasting our time.)

cunnilngis with a virgin– Hmm…sounds fun, be gentle.


One Response to “Stuff you google, by Brothel Babe”

  1. Neo_Anderson69 March 14, 2011 at 4:06 pm #

    No there isn’t any legal brothels in Hawaii. There r strip clubs on Oahu & where theres strip club there is probably illegal Prostitution going on. Only reason I know is I lived in Hawaii recently for over 3 years

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