24 Jun

I may or may not be in limbo…
I may or may not have gotten “terminated” from a certain job at the retirement home.

If I did, I assure you…it had more to do with the building getting closed for remodeling. According to rumor…all new staff will be hired upon completion of the remodeling of the facility.

So why would I waste any time in getting my ass back home?
I was in Los Angeles visiting friends with my treasured off time and made my drive back.

At first I was doubting whether or not I should have returned. As soon as I drove by my favorite lake, it was like driving back into the past and I felt this sense of being home.

I may or may not have applied to work at a different brothel.

Where I theoretically stopped by and filled out an application, noting how all the cars and clients that are not at my home ranch, seem to be at this other place.

When I filled out the application, I did not put on the paperwork that I was Brothel Babe.

Although these rumors are false…on the internet there are a few people who seem determined to tarnish my name, which I have spent hours on my back working “hard” to establish.

I also may or may not be “not dating” someone.
What is “not dating”?

Well I qualify “not dating” as when you are not making out, not engaging in heavy petting, and not fucking.

It’s that hazy side where the guy doesn’t know if the girl likes him, or worse, you’re a future doormat….and he just likes buying you food.

So the guy I am “not dating” ….we ended up getting in some conversation about Idaho.

To which I replied, “No, You da ho.”

Then HE said, “oh did I tell you about how if there was a state between the Idaho and Utah border, I would call it “Youdaho?”

I said, “All the prostitutes could be banished to that state!”

He replied, “yeah, all the Bunny Ranch rejects. Have you heard of that place? ”

Me: “No, what is it?”

Him: “It’s this place where porn stars go and people pay money….”

Me: “A brothel?”

Him: “Yeah, that’s it. I think it’s disgusting.”

Here I am thinking to myself,
“CLEARLY this guy hasn’t been there, because if he had, he would know that the Bunny Ranch is fucking immaculate! You could eat off their floor!”

BUT….he was probably referring to the premise of paying money for sex….not the cleanliness of the place.

All I could do was smile and nod.
Then a little voice in the back of my mind wondered if he knew…since…we could easily be connected LONG before we ever got to Kevin Bacon in the 6 degrees game…and I know some feisty rumor spreaders who will gladly drop my Ho Status to anyone and everyone.

Maybe he was testing me to gauge my reaction.
Or maybe he GOES to the Bunny Ranch, and calls it disgusting because he needs to offset his own guilt.
To this day, he’s the only guy I’ve ever met who has called brothels “disgusting.”

Nevermind him.
I’m back here.
Had I made any money yet I would be telling you about it.
I did drive a girl to the Sheriff’s office. The owner of this place actually called her to ask her to come work here.

I was pissed about only getting a little bit of reimbursement for driving this girl in my car, but she was highly informative about working as an independent escort. She defined Mondays and Tuesdays as “Slammin” days…which is weird because in the Brothel industry, our busy days are typically Thurs/Fri/Sat.

Then I talked to this other girl named Daisy, who was here my very first day I started working here. I haven’t seen Daisy for like a year, so I was wondering what the heck she was doing here.

She’s been working close to the Utah border at a ranch up there, and working independently. Daisy was the first girl I met who had gotten busted/been to jail for prostitution. She’s got balls way bigger than mine, and a tattoo of a lip imprint on her ass. When she wears a thong, she walks away, you catch yourself, and you are like “Dammit. I am looking at the lip tattoo on her ass again.” Which is precisely why she put it there…yet another reason why her balls are bigger than mine.

Back to the story though – Daisy told me that the owner called HER too and asked her to come back, and then Daisy said, “I think it was a mistake.” Meaning – money aint moving much.

What’s a girl to do?
Daisy did tell me about a host of independent escorting websites also. I did not know there were so many. I did not know how popular it was.

I try to imagine independent escort life and it seems much scarier compared to here. Apparently there are websites that are referral based, which takes the whole “background check” thing out of the equation.

Learning about whoring. It’s fun, isn’t it kids?


One Response to “Allegedly….”

  1. A usaully pus-anonymous guy June 30, 2011 at 6:32 pm #

    Daisy is fiiiine but I like Lilies better …they’re both edible… but Lilies are very tasty …and covered in syrup or honey… yum….. the two of you could make me clear out my piggy bank again… LOL

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