My Mellow Saturday Night

26 Jun

I woke up about at 1.
I heard the vacuum cleaner going and thought, “can’t she wait til later?”
When I got out of my room, the maid said she waited as long as she could and tried to be as quiet as possible. I thanked her.

The subject of conversation when I got to the kitchen was..well it was shooting the shit as we all often do….but He Man the cartoon came up…and the bartender mentioned how that girl (the one with the newfound drug habit) looks like Skeletor. Which according to rumor, she started smoking crack or meth or whatever when she found out her husband was cheating on her. (Maybe it was an emotional affair..those are the worst.)

This girl has been in the biz forever and has worked at this ranch for a few years. We all know what she looks like when she’s healthy. The staff accountant saw her walk by and told the girl, “YOU LOOK LIKE FUCKIN SHIT!” and IMMEDIATELY made the staff start searching her room for a crack pipe. No pipe, but in her drugged out stage she cut up all the curtains and tied them in knots. So druggie girl got sent home and she’s under strict instructions to quit smoking crack.

Yea. I was worried….its nice to know other people have the balls to speak up and say something.

Outside of that……I pondered life whilst in my room.
I took a nap which lasted til close to 8pm.
Some of Eleanors friends came in so I overheard their drama related convos about the fucked up stuff that happens at other ranches. People stealing money…getting fired and rehired. Girls making up stories when they don’t like you.

Not a lot of that happens here.
I started researching brothel life in other countries.
Found a kickass brothel in Germany, which is VERY tempting.
Told a few girls about my research…said how awesome it would be to go on a Whorecation. An adventure….country to country, brothel to brothel.

I brought it up to Taylor…one of the new ladies. She’s maybe 40 or 38…I asked if she’d do something like that. She said “I have no family, no kids, not married. My mom is alive but she’s going to be in a nursing home…so I would be game for an adventure like that.”

So…just to humor myself…..I’m going to call the brothel in Germany tomorrow.

I think I’m going to end up staying gone longer than I originally planned.
I don’t know what I’m going to tell my four friends who are expecting me back,
and the guy I am “not dating.”

Frankly I’m starting to not care.
I’m saving my money for something bigger I have planned…
My mom knows my plan…two of my best friends know my plan.
They know exactly how much money I am here to earn, even.

For once, I’m really really happy knowing that I’m keeping my eyes on the prize, and a couple people support me in that decision.

Oh yeah. The creepy mustache dude came back AGAIN…and I told him,
“I’m not going to party with you until you shave your mustache. It’s giant and dirty.

His reply?
“It’s probably cleaner than you are!”

OH. Burn.


3 Responses to “My Mellow Saturday Night”

  1. Anthony Martellacci June 26, 2011 at 3:42 pm #

    If ur thinking about goin 2 another location anywhere outside of ur comfort zone. Be extremely careful. It’s a more dangerous world out there & I’d hate 2 see you somewhere where u may not be as safe.Maybe you would be a great candidate for the World Famous Bunny Ranch, but then there’s that whole anonymity thing you have goin on. I follow 3 of those ladies there ^ it seems like a classy place 2 me. It couldn’t hurt. I’ve watched all that there is about Brothel life everywhere else in the world & it doesn’t look safe to me as it is here in The USA. But I’ll leave it up to you to decide. The 1 rule I learned being married for over 27 years eo my late wife was, if you have to think if it’s a good idea or not, It probably isn’t

    • Soul Searcher June 26, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

      If you are thinking about Germany, it is a good place to work. The brothels are really nice and very clean. In particular Paradise in Stuttgart, and The Palace in Frankfurt. Check those out, if you haven’t already.

  2. brothelbabe June 26, 2011 at 10:12 pm #

    I will definitely check those places out!

    Germany is not too different from america from what I can tell. I would probably check out a smaller brothel before I see a megabrothel like Pascha.

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