Screw You, Dreamland!

28 Jun

Right before I woke up today in my nevada bed, I had this dream:

Its me and McDoucheypants, in a car somewhere, bidding adieu. I’m hugging him and the words “Love you” slip out.

Somehow in my dream as I’m simultaneously waiting for him to reply…I’m saying to myself THIS DIALOGUE:

“Oh shit.
The words!
They slipped!
But I didn’t say “I love you….”
I just said “Love you.”
and I didn’t say, “I think I’m falling in love with you.”
Because I’m not starry eyed and IN LOVE with you…I just love you. And that’s the way it is.”

He didn’t reply.
I wasn’t expecting a reply.
Instead we just remained in this virtual embrace and the dream scene got cut short to the future…

He was shirtless…and in my dream it was weird because he had washboard abs and AMAZING pecs. I asked him about going somewhere with me, and he said he was going to fucking COSTA RICA.

So me being the curious, jealous bitch that I am…I asked “ohhhh is your sugar momma taking you?”

But no, it wasn’t! It was some random friend chick he knew who’s boyfriend bailed on her so she said she had this ticket to Costa Rica, so he was going to go work on his tan.

And at that moment, the cabdriver who is taking him there (with no shirt on) points to me and says “oh you are tan!” and then McDoucheypants says, “oh no, don’t be fooled, she is pale.” and he puts his arm up next to mine, showcasing my inherent “Pussy Prison palor.”

My subconscious is such a bitch.


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