Too much fun to list….Boffs of the Week

6 Jul

I’ve only been at this new place five days and so far business has been more steady and more consistent than it has anywhere else.

The highlights of my week have consisted of three three-somes,
getting picked out of lineup in my PJ’s, and…the crowning acheivement in ho-dom…..sleeping with two guys both having the same name….back to back.

I think all the threesomes might be a little bit much for me.
I had actually never had a guy girl threesome…and now I’ve had three in less than a week. WTF.

The only threesomes I had ever done prior to this time was a lesbian threesome which…on the scale of one to ten (ten being most traumatic), I would have rated the lesbian threesome about an 8.

So here are my threesomes:
#1: My big sister came in my room to witness negotiation.
She decides to invite herslef in on the fun and somehow gets the guy to double his money for enjoying the both of us. She was super on top of switching off condoms. We did the wham bam/left-right/one-two punch. suck & fuck, suck & fuck. Tag teaming at its finest, I say. I was amazed at the guilt free way that she kept asking this Peruvian guy for more money. I envy her saleswoman prowess.

#2: This guy who’s WASTED on the 4th of July comes in. He mentioned how he just smoked a bowl. Another girl (i.e. not my friend and not my big sister…we had just met…Sandra) suggested a two girl party…so we gave the guy a bargian. He decided to have even more beer and smoke yet another bgowl in his truck, right before the party. When I gazed upon this guy’s hard penis, I got scared because I knew it was too big for me and would result in some damage. Bless Sandra’s heart – she put her hand around the base of his dick while I fucked him only halfway, thus saving me from any excruciating pain and tearing that would have resulted. I was very grateful.

#3: This guy comes in talking about how his wife can’t have sex because its painful.
He’s extremely nervous. Out of breath and shaking. I am sensitive to people’s emotions and they often rub me the wrong way, so even though this guy only wanted a hand job and to massage me, I was nervous, so I thought, “hey, why don’t I return the favor and invite Sandra in on this party.” I told the cashier “I figure some good karma can’t hurt.” Plus, I’m not fond of massages from people I don’t know. So…I invited her in and after we’re in the room together…this guy was so thrilled to have two women at once for the first time that he rebooked to double his money and double the time of his party, so both of us ended up getting a decent amount of cash for the ungodly hour. He mentioned having prostate issues but…no no. Had the condom not been on, the jiz would have been flying.

Here is my same name sandwich:
#4. It’s toward the end of my shift which is late in the morning. I wear my pajamas – these short shorts and this tank top. I’m thinking “Oh, lets not try. I want to go to bed.” so about the only effort I put into looking sexy before lineup is I roll my shorts down to show my belly button. I’m thinking, there’s no way I will get picked from this lineup in my PJ’s. But…this guy wastes no time in pointing straight to me. His name? If you’ve ever had a fond highschool sweetheart, and anyone of the same name causes a rush of warm feeling to wash over you…that was this guy’s name.

#5. Its the beginning of my shift the very next day. A guy comes in…same name as the guy before that. He leaves to check out some other nearby places. He comes back…talks to me. I was kinda thrilled that he had the same name as the previous guy. Its the kind of thing where you almost want to call up your old sweetheart to say “I boffed two guys of the same name back to back and it made me strangely proud and thinking of you.” Yeahhhhh…he knows I work here, so I might do that. I had to struggle not to smile…I made the best efforts at keeping a straight face while thinking to myself “I have the BEST JOB EVER.”


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