If only I had known sooner….

13 Jul

Here I am at this new place, making more money than I’ve ever made before, and I’m saying to myself, “If only I had known sooner.”

Of course, I’m glad I had the experiences I had in the other brothels.
I learned that basically….you have to respect the business and play by the rules.

Over the loudspeaker a few days ago, an announcement was made from the voice of the owner saying that a girl would be fired for her blog. That she said nasty things about the girls in her blog, and she would not be allowed back to this brothel, or any brothel.
Like the owner was making it a personal mission to make sure that the girl did not get invited back ever.

I sat in my room with my head spinning.
I was literally thinking I should just pack my bags because it would only be a matter of time until they knocked on the door and said I was that girl.

Echoes of eleanor’s suggestions went through my mind of being told not to get close to the girls. There was only one girl I told about my blog (Sandra.) I didn’t even say what the blog link was but I figured the rumor got out of hand and suddenly I was the girl who’s sparkling career in ho-dom would end the very week it began.

I called the manager.
I said I was scared because I was worried I was the girl getting fired.
I waited patiently for a response.
Another manager called to let me know that I was NOT the girl who would be getting fired. If anything, I was doing great and they wanted to keep me there.

But I did get warned not to get close to the girls (by the manager) and not to tell ANYONE of my blog.

Sigh of relief.
My money making days in this new place are not over.

Soooo that was my close call with getting fired and since this is all real-time, public domain, I made the decision to make my blog private as of last week. I figure, this will be a book one day. This will be a project, on a burner, when my career in the other world takes off.

The day it leaks you know, I’ll be armed and ready with my story.
And my story should sell a lot of copies.

That’s how I’m starting to see it now.


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