The Real Me is Pleased….

13 Jul

I was hesitant to write you all about it because I was afraid it wasn’t real.

Two guys came into the bar last week.
One was short with dark hair.
He was not my type at all.
He was striking up conversation with the also petite Sandra.
While this guy chatted with me briefly, it was clear that Sandra was the girl he wanted so I let it go.

Five minutes later, a green-eyed breeze walks in.
He spots me right as he walks up in the bar.
I see him walk around to the other side.
I glimpse at him through a small window where I can see him through a few faces.
He looks back at me.
He makes a beeline back to my side of the bar, and sits right next to me.

I like a guy who knows what he wants and goes for it.
My big sister had obviously had sex before.
She obviously tried to make him do a party with her again,
and he obviously regretted the last time he was here, and wasn’t about to blow that much money on her again.

So, he was all mine.
Strangely, he’s the other guy’s brother.
They look absolutely nothing alike.
Jan is tan with sandy blonde hair while his brother has short brown hair.
He has this look in his eyes and this sexiness about him that reminds me of my very first crush.

I never slept with my first crush.
But I will get to sleep with Jan.
He didn’t pay me a lot but I gave extra time to the clock.
This was by far some of the steamiest and wondrous sex I’d had in some time.
He knew we weren’t supposed to kiss.
Except I had the strongest urge ever to have his lips on mine and
I was pretty sure he felt the same way.

So I let myself go, and for once, I could say to myself that both the real me and my brothel self were getting what I wanted and needed.

Normally I would make a client shower off by himself,
but he said, “you’re joining me right?”
and the makeout fest and passion continued in the steam.

He said he was going to give me his number,
and that if I ever got into Reno, I could call him,
and we could hang out.

So I took his number in my little black book.

We continued talking for at least an hour afterwards outside the bar.
It turned out that this eye candy has a little more to offer.
If anything, he almost sounded like a catch.
The kind of catch where its freakish that he DOESN’T have a girlfriend.

He owns his own business.
He is going back to school to get his master’s degree.
Not because he needs it, but because it would be “good to have.”

He participates in a number of business organizations to aid in networking opportunities, to keep his business successful.
He lives by himself.
The only caveat is that he doesn’t really have “time” for a relationship.
He’s from Tahoe…where there are very few girls and as he said, “in Tahoe it isn’t your girl, its your turn.”

Maybe he’s disillusioned in a land of all too available women.
I texted him some.
He texted me some.
There was a few days of nothingness.
I Ignored it, thinking nothing would come of the situation.
Buuut….he texted me asking how things were.

He seems like he might drown himself in a lot of alcohol and underneath is a guy with more potential.

Blake however is a guy who drowned himself in another girl.

I didn’t give Jan my regular number.
He has my Ho phone number.
I figure for the amount of money I want to save,
and because I will be spending a whole lot of time here,
it might not be bad to have two separate lives.
Different phone,
different name,
different group of friends where one group has no knowledge of the other.

Frankly, I don’t think its fair to myself to deny opportunities for friendship here. I think I need a few decent friends for my sanity. I’ve avoided friendships before…but at this rate, I don’t feel very connected to people back home and here I can be friends with people without feeling like I have to hide anything. I like that a lot better.


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