Worlds Greatest Actress, right here.

6 Aug

Sooooooooooo….to keep all of you in the loop, I worked for a month straight last month, set some financial goals for myself, I surpassed those goals.

I was beyond burnt out, took just over a week off, and now I am back.

The month of work that happened was full of “adventure” I suppose…I disconnected myself from facebook hoping that it would lead to me being more focused at work, not being able to peer in on whatever I am “missing out on” back home.

It helped a lot: I made probably double what I planned to, and I was super proud of myself for earning a lot.

I had at least 42 clients during that month, and only ONE day where I didn’t have any bookings at all, which was (in part) due to my own laziness.

I am back at work today, and I have upped my earnings goal.

I set my goal last month at booking 500 bucks a day. Most days I made that happen. Today I thought to myself, “what if I booked 1000 a day…then I would actually take home a decent chunk of change.”

Honestly my day is a blur, except for my 2nd to last client…who’s name was Patrick. He’s a firefighter from the bay area. His dick looked suspicious (had a couple skin tags on it) so I inspected it for ages, and wanted to bring in a 2nd opinion…but I concluded since it would all be wrapped up in a condom, it would be fine.

He was a good looking guy, and at first we were just going to party in my room but when he saw the hot tub, he decided to book the extra funds necessary to make a hot tub party happen.

Walking from my room to the hot tub, he leaned in to try to kiss me, and I shook my head “no” as in, “no that’s not allowed.” but…again, he seemed so offended.

So we’re in the hot tub, and he’s muttering on and on about how turned on he is, and how he wants to fuck me, etc. (I’m trying to prolong sex as long as possible because my pussy hurts by this time of the night from too many clients.)

I’m midway through this long drawn out makeout session with him in a hot tub…and my internal dialogue is this:

“I am so bored right now.”

“So bored. Do you know how many girls would be in my exact position and would be turned on right now, and would consider this a fucking adventure?”

“This is no adventure…it is so….passe.”

“What would an adventure even look like to me right now? Having an orgy? Bondage?

Hmm…well I guess I am a good actress. I guess this is what it feels like to be completely numb to the whole experience.”

I paused for a while, trying to think of what a good adventure would be.

“Watching a movie on a couch with someone I care about. And great conversation. That would be a fun adventure right now.”

FUNNY, huh?



One Response to “Worlds Greatest Actress, right here.”

  1. Montana August 12, 2011 at 10:45 am #

    I loved reading this as it’s what I do too. It is funny how we have to act so into them. I hate the spa though. I still haven’t used the spa at the place I work. I’ve only just started blogging yesterday but I’m enjoying it and hope to add lots of blogs with interesting reads of my life as a sex worker. x Montana.

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