It’s been a while since I’ve read a magazine…

11 Aug

I thought maybe you would appreciate my whore-ish observations on a magazine lots of women read often…I however havent read the magazine in a while. That magazine is Cosmo.

Normally if I do read something, it’s a Lucky Mag (which is geared towards shoppers who like to scope out the newest fashion trends) or a magazine like O (Oprah Magazine…which has useful articles like…why it’s important to follow your intuition.)

I opened Cosmo however and noticed the following:

– The first four pages are cosmetics ads, and all of the ads now feature celebrities or superstars, who have all had rhinoplasties, chemical peels, etc. to defy their age. This won’t mage any regular teenage girl or 20 something feel better.

– The magazine is all about sex. They talk about your sex drive being in neutral like its a problem. What ever happened to having a hobby other than sex, like art, or something that might pay your bills?

– Nearly every short article was all about deciphering what your guy was thinking, or how to give better head, or how to get approval from a guy.

Which for me is weird, because after working here, I feel like 90% of guys who walk through the door all think I’m great. In fact, flipping through the mag made me realize that in a lot of ways, my confidence is more through the roof than it has ever been. Guys like me with my hair in a bun, a ponytail, or down. It doesn’t ever really have to be as perfect as you think.

As far as sex goes, most guys seem to get off just by looking at you, so if you wanna turn on a guy, the easiest way is to turn on the lights.

Guys run the gamut and are not a one sized fits all thing. Some prefer the direct approach, some prefer a little dance of conversation, and some guys will bite after 3 hours of completely ignoring them.

And for all of the fashion that magazines push, almost NONE of it is stuff that makes you look or feel good. In fact most of it is hideously unflattering and is not conducive to helping you get laid at all. The “fashion” you should be wearing is the dress that makes you say, “I look hot in this dress.” or the pants that you KNOW make your ass looks good. Use a mirror and your intuition…not a magazine.

I dunno…I just felt like every article in it was specifically designed to feed the insecurities of young women and get them to spend more money on stuff they don’t really need.

I wish it was more about how to better yourself from the neck up, rather than from the hips down.



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