Ho on Wheels!

17 Oct

Last month, we had whats called “Street Vibrations.” It’s a giant motorcycle bonanza that results in a shit ton of motorcycles in the brothel parking lot. Usually you walk around outside a lot, in your heels, and by the end of the day you’re sore from all the walking.

So I said to myself, “fuck walking, I’m gonna bring my razor scooter, and cover more ground in less time!”

Sadly, my scooter was sorta broken – the handlebars kept sliding down. I asked if the maintenance people had pliers….the answer was no. I googled it and figured out pliers weren’t really what I needed anyway – what I needed (according to the Razor Scooter website) was an Alan wrench.  I hop on amazon.com and I’m drooling over this nice little stanley alan wrench pocket knife dealio. Thinking, “That’s what I need to buy.” 

Never the less, I manage to roll around on my razor scooter anyway, doing loops in the parking lot.

When asked questions I’d say,

“I’m a ho on wheels! I can cover more ground in less time!”

I ran into a group of guys and lamented about my broken scooter and how it needed an alan wrench.

Wouldn’t you know, this guy had the exact stanley alan wrench set I needed in his car. We rolled over to the grassy area and he knelt down to fix it. Problem solved.

So now, every week, I use my scooter to ride next door to go to the doctor.

Fuck walking.

I’m still a Ho on Wheels.




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