Perfect isn’t interesting.

18 Nov

I have some strange problem with perfect, because the distinction most people fail to make is that perfect is not interesting.

I don’t measure value in the standard definition of perfection.
I measure value by how happy I am to see someone
by how many times I laugh
how much more I smile
and how much better each insignificant moment becomes somehow better, just by that person being there.

You can be penniless and according to everyone else you’d have nothing to offer,
but if you make my heart feel full…
that is something I can’t buy.
So I will invest in you.

And instead of me thinking, “oh this person can’t offer the things they are supposed to” I think, “I can work harder, to buy the gasoline, to buy the extra food, to have the people who mean the most to me in my life.”

Is this backwards thinking?
I don’t know.
My happiness is worth more than standard definitions of perf


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